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It’s important that you choose the correct backpack for your purpose. If you are only planning to use it for traveling to work or school, or short outings then there’s no point in having a bigger pack than you need – a day-pack is ideal. If, however, you are preparing for some serious trekking then it’s essential to have a pack that is large enough to carry all that you need – not having enough spare food or clothing could endanger your life; but you also need to take into account your personal size and strength and not try to carry something too big or heavy. It’s a good investment to buy the largest pack you can comfortably carry and make sure that it can be fully adapted to your body shape. Take a look at our guide below.

Daypacks – Backpacks up to 20 litres

20 litre backpacks

Often known as casual packs or day packs – these small packs are ideal for leisure activities and daytime walks and outings. Since you can fit in A4-sized folder, laptops, books, drinks, shoes etc., they are often used for school, college or work.

Hiking Backpacks – up to 30 litres

hiking backpacks

This size of backpack is ideal for day trips and can cope with trips a few days long is you are a light packer! They can hold everything you need including, drinks, food, and change of clothes and rain-wear as have plenty of outside pockets and access for maps, hiking poles etc.

Hiking Trips – Backpacks up to 40 litres

40 litre backpacks

Hiking backpacks of 40 litres and above are ideal for longer journey, backpacking tours and even mountain trips. You can store several days’ worth of provisions and clothing in them. They  usually have many practical pack pockets e.g. for pack covers, hiking poles, reservoirs and more. When fully loaded they can weigh up to eight to ten kilograms so it’s important that they have comfortable straps and also fix around the waist for comfort and safety.

Trekking Backpacks – up to 60 litres

Trekking Backpacks

Trekking backpacks have a capacity of 60 litres or more and are essential companions for travellers and backpackers. These hi-tech packing devices are designed so that the heaviest load is taken off the shoulders and spread to rest on the hips. This makes it possible to comfortably carry heavy loads (up to 20 kilograms) for a long periods of time. They also need a good range of inner and outer pockets for save storage of valuables and quick access to maps etc.

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